Cap & Fill Level Inspection System

Attain accurate cap and fill level inspection solutions with top-rated quality checks.
Detect rejection with high-level efficiency for enhanced revenue.


Cap & Fill Level Inspection System

Cap Inspection System

OptoPixel is a top-ranking cap and fill level inspection system provider in the industry. We offer excellent solutions with the aid of a remarkable team of professionals with years of expertise. Coupled with years of experience in the industry and the assistance of the latest technology, we deliver hassle-free yet reliable solutions. You can definitely rely on us to offer top-of-the-line Fill Level Inspection solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

We offer a wide range of solutions. These include inspection of missing caps, flip-offs, and stoppers. Apart from that, we also inspect crossed caps, and popup stoppers, and conduct flip-off color verification. You can also get pattern verification on flip-off, pattern or logo verification on the cap, temper-band inspection, and fill level verification. All our solutions are completed under the strict supervision of our crew of experts to deliver the desired results.

Benefits of our cap and
fill level inspection

Our cap and fill level inspection system deliver excellent solutions.
Take a look at the different advantages that you can get –

High Speed Inspection

The OptoPixel cap and fill level inspection system is integrated with a high-speed camera and top-rated processor. With this system, you can get up to 1000 parts/minute. The high-speed operation ensures the completion of the order quickly and efficiently. The system boasts of 100% accuracy and has the ability to detect even the slightest defects. That definitely offers an advantage over manual inspection.

Medicine Bottle Cap Inspection System

Turnkey solutions

For complete cap inspection, the OptoPixel Cap Inspection System can be integrated with a single camera or multiple cameras. The system can also be configured for detecting rejected bottles with multiple rejection systems. We take great pride in delivering customized solutions based on the needs of the customers and the product types. Our turnkey systems are highly efficient. It can be installed over an existing production line with ease. That way, you can save time, and floor space on the unit and get start-up run testing. As part of the implementation of the turnkey systems, we also provide operator training.

Bottle Cap Inspection System

Ease of Usage

OptoPixel’s Cap Inspection System uses the Scanex software. It is specifically designed to be user-friendly. Operators can configure inspections while making other changes with the touchscreen menu.

Glass Bottles

Quality Assurance

In the pharmaceutical industry, the quality of the products matters a great deal. That is why we at OptoPixel strive to maintain the top-notch quality of our systems. We use the Scanex software to ensure the elimination of different potential defects. With us, you do not have to worry about the integrity or quality of the product.

Glass Bottle Inspection System

What can you get from us?

OptoPixel boasts of delivering excellent fill level and Bottle cap inspection system solutions for the pharma industry.
As the leading company for cap and fill level inspections, you can count on us to offer a wide range of solutions.
Our inspection systems are integrated with a wide array of features.

Cap Inspection

Get optimum results with our industry-grade cap
and fill level inspection!

The top-notch bottle or vial inspection system developed by OptoPixel is one of a kind. The inspection system measures the cap height of the bottles in order to assess the screwing strength. Apart from that, the system also conducts inspections of filled bottles to check if there are loose, missing, or damaged caps. In the case of vials, the OptoPixel Vision system assesses the stopper height and ensures that the stopper is actually present. Besides, it also verifies the pattern on the cap or seal and the seal color.

We boast of having cap and fill level inspection systems that follow pre-established protocols and regulations. Our team of dedicated professionals ensures that the solutions we provide comply with the industry standards.


Frequently asked questions

The System can work with maximum 1000 parts/ minute

For 360-degree periphery inspection, you need to go with 6 cameras (each at 60 degrees. Hence, for pattern/logo inspection from Top, you need separate camera from top.

Yes, we provide rejection system as an optional. User can also use existing rejection mechanism if already available in the machine. OptoPixel system can be synched with the existing line.

Some of the defects can be recovered and the product can be re-used. So, defect wise sorting decreases the loss.

Bottle/vials should be transported smoothly and vibration free. They should be sufficient separated for individual trigger to capture the image.

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